Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: US Politicians Keep Hyping a “Diplomatic Boycott” Without Even Being Invited to the Games
2021/12/06 14:43

Bloomberg: CNN has reported that the Biden administration is expected to announce this week that no US government officials will attend the Beijing Winter Games, implementing a diplomatic boycott. How will China deal with a potential diplomatic boycott?

Zhao Lijian: I would like to reiterate that the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games is a gathering for all winter sports athletes and lovers around the world. It is them that should be in the spotlight. The preparation work of the Games has entered the home stretch. The international community, including the IOC, highly recognizes the preparation work. Foreign athletes, including a large number of American and Japanese athletes, are looking forward to coming to China for the Games. We believe that, under the guidance of the Olympic spirit and with concerted efforts of all sides, we will deliver a streamlined, safe and splendid Olympic Games for the world.

I want to stress that the Winter Olympic Games is not a stage for political posturing and manipulation. US politicians keep hyping a “diplomatic boycott” without even being invited to the Games. This wishful thinking and pure grandstanding is aimed at political manipulation. It is a grave travesty of the spirit of the Olympic Charter, a blatant political provocation and a serious affront to the 1.4 billion Chinese people. It will only make the Chinese people and the world see clearly US politicians’ anti-China nature and hypocrisy. 

The US should adopt a right attitude, act in accordance with the Olympic spirit of “together”, treat China’s concerns seriously, and avoid politicizing sports. It should stop hyping the so-called “diplomatic boycott” of the Beijing Winter Games, lest it should affect bilateral dialogue and cooperation in important areas. If the US is bent on having its own way, China will take resolute countermeasures. 

(Source: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian's Regular Press Conference on December 6, 2021)

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