Remarks by Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the US on the wanton repatriation of a Chinese student by the US
2021/09/29 11:00

Question: Recently, a Chinese student was interrogated and deported by the US law enforcement at Houston Airport. What is your response?

Answer: Recently, a Chinese student with a legal visa issued by the US government was wantonly interrogated by the US side at the border entrance. After being confined in a small room for more than 50 hours without proper food and rest, he was deported by the US side through a third country on trumped-up grounds. The US action seriously infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of the student, and caused serious physical and mental damage to him and his family. The Chinese side deplores and firmly opposes this action, and has lodged solemn representation with the US side.

For a period of time, the US has been obstructing educational, cultural and people-to-people exchanges with China. There have been a number of similar cases of arbitrary and harsh interrogation and even deportation of Chinese students by the US law enforcement, who has seriously violated the students’ human rights. What the US side has been doing has gravely undermined normal people-to-people exchanges and educational cooperation between the two countries. It runs counter to the openness and freedom the US loves to tout and the global trend of talent exchanges, and goes against the common aspiration of the two peoples for friendly exchanges. It is supported by none, and serves the good of none. The Chinese side has expressed firm and strong opposition to the US side on every case immediately after it happened.

People-to-people exchanges are the social foundation of China-US relations. Chinese students in the US play a positive role in promoting mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries. Educational and cultural cooperation serves the interests of both sides. We urge the US side to honor its statement of welcoming Chinese students, immediately stop abusing the excuse of national security, stop repatriating, harassing and interrogating Chinese students, and stop infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens. We urge the US side to ensure that such incidents do not happen again, so as to create a good atmosphere for our people-to-people and educational exchanges. The Chinese side will continue to support Chinese students in safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with law, and also reminds the students to raise their awareness of safety and guard against similar incidents.

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