Communication with Airlines on New Health Rules for Passengers to China
2020/11/10 11:00


In order to reduce cross-border transmission of Covid-19, starting from 6,November, 2020 Pacific Time, all Chinese and foreign passengers who are to fly from U.S. to China will be required to take nucleic acid and IgM anti-body tests and then apply from the Chinese embassy or consulate in U.S. for a green health code with the "HS" mark (HS Code), or a green health declaration code with the "HDC" mark (HDC), or the Health Declaration Forms (HDF) before boarding the flight according to the new notice.

The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United States has sent a note to all relevant airlines on the new rules. Here are the key points of the note for your reference:

I. Starting from 0:00 on November 6 Pacific Time, passengers whose final destination is China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) must provide nucleic acid negative test certificate and IgM anti-body negative test certificate to the Chinese embassy/ consulates in the United States.

II. Chinese embassy/consulates in the United States will issue HS Code (please see attachment 1) for Chinese passengers. Foreign passengers will be issued HDF sealed by Chinese Embassy /consulates (please see attachment 2) or HDC (please see attachment 3). After the Chinese system is upgraded, HDC will gradually replace HDF, and the both of them may coexist for a certain period of time.

III. For passengers going to China via direct flights or via connecting flights, the airline shall check HS Code or HDF/HDC. The HS Code and HDF can be presented in electronic or printed form.

Again, the Chinese Embassy in the United States has not made it mandatory for airlines to check the original test reports of passengers. Therefore, in principle, whether and when the Chinese embassy/consulates in the United States should check nucleic acids test report and IgM anti-body test report and when passenger do the test have nothing to do with the work that airlines need to undertake at the check-in site.

IV. Please do not allow passengers whose related material is expired to check in and board the plane. However, if the flight is delayed and passengers have checked in, please allow boarding. If the passenger hasn't checked in, please judge whether the related material is valid according to the original departure time and please allow boarding if the passenger's related material is still valid according to original departure time.

V. If the airline operates a "US -Transit Country-China" route, it shall conduct the first check upon departure from the United States to ensure the validity period of the aforesaid related material covers the check-in time in the United States, and it is not necessary to consider whether the check-in time in the transit country is covered. When leaving the Transit Country, if the passenger leaves the plane, please conduct a second check according to the relevant requirements of the Chinese embassy/ consulates in the Transit Country when the passenger re-boarding.

VI. Your airline is kindly requested to disseminate the above-mentioned requirements through various means, including the official website, multimedia platforms, and one-on-one notice during ticket sales, to ensure that all travelers who have booked tickets to China, including those who will transfer via other countries, are informed of the requirements. In the meanwhile, all relevant personnel of your airline shall be informed through your working system and shall comply with the requirements of related notice and guidance.

VII. Regarding individual cases, the airlines could advice the passenger to contact Chinese Embassy/Consulates General (Contact numbers are also provided in the note).

VIII. The adjustment of epidemic prevention policy may involve the problem that some passengers cannot board. We hope that your company can provide more convenience for the passengers in such issues as ticket change and refund.


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