The Statement of the Chinese Embassy in the United States for Taking Over the Consular Jurisdiction of the Consulate-General in Houston
2020/07/24 22:00


On July 21, the US abruptly demanded that the Chinese Consulate-General in Houston cease all operations and events within a time limit. This decision seriously violates international law, basic norms governing international relations and the Consular Convention Between China and the United States. China strongly condemns and firmly opposes this move that sabotages China-US relations, and urges the US side to immediately revoke its erroneous decision.

The Chinese Embassy and Consulates-General in the United States have always been committed to the healthy and stable development of China-US relations, to China-US exchanges and cooperation and to the two peoples' friendship. The US move has seriously damaged the regular exchanges and cooperation between the people of the southern part of the United States and China and their right for consular services from the Chinese government. It is completely against the people's will.

Taking into account of the desire and needs of the southern part of the US for continued exchanges and cooperation with China and the practical difficulties that may come up, the Chinese Embassy in the United States will temporarily take over the work of the Consulate-General in Houston, and continue the various services for the people in the consular district.

Please contact the Embassy or the Call Center for Consular Assistance and Protection of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for any need of consular assistance.

Telephone numbers for consular protection and assistance of the Chinese Embassy and Consulates-General

The Embassy:+1-202-4952216

The Consulate-General in New York :+1-212-6953125

The Consulate-General in San Francisco:+1-415-2168525

The Consulate-General in Los Angeles:+1-213-8078052

The Consulate-General in Chicago:+1-312-7800170

Global Emergency Call Center for Consular Protection and Services : +86-10-12308,+86-10-59913991.

Note: The consular jurisdiction of the Consulate-General in Houston included eight states in the southern part of the United States and a self-governing commonwealth: Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Puerto Rico.

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