Phone Scam Alert Update
2018/06/09 05:00

The Chinese Embassy and Consulates-General in the U.S. have received a number of phone calls and visits from both Chinese and US citizens in the United States, saying that they got phone calls or voice messages which claimed to be from Chinese Embassy and reminded them to pick up a parcel or a document from the Embassy.


All of these phone calls have been proved to be scam trap. We would like to restate that the Embassy and Consulates General of China would not ask for personal information, deliver parcel pick-up notice or ask people to answer inquiries from police department by way of phone calls. The Embassy would not ask for bank account information.


If you recently applied for a Chinese passport, Visa or other documents and the pick-up date on the pink form given to you indicates "to call" , the Embassy would let you know by phone or email the pick-up date of that document when it is ready. You could ask for the pick-up form number to verify. Payment can only be made in the Visa Section in person.


If you get suspicious phone call of such kind, you could contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulates General to verify. If you have losses from the scam, you should report to local police department in the U.S.. The Chinese Embassy is working with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in phone scam prevention.


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