Notice on the Reopening of the Visa Office
2023/01/12 10:00

The Visa Office of the Chinese Embassy will reopen as of January 25, 2023. Those who enter the Visa Office are required to wear masks and follow the instructions of the office staff.

The application procedures for Visa is as follows:

    1. Filling out the COVA form. Complete the online application form at the China Online Visa Application (COVA) website. Please refer to the consular jurisdiction of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate General in the United States and select corresponding Embassy/Consulate-General when you submit the form online. Attention: Once the application form is submitted, it cannot be modified. Please make sure that the information is true, accurate, and complete.

    2.  Preparing documents. Prepare the required documents by referring to the Requirements and Procedures for Chinese Visa Application. The application documents for each visa type consist of two parts: basic documents and general documents. Please read the instructions carefully.

    3. Submitting the physical documents. Print out the full set of paper application form and required documents. Submit them in person or by an agent within office hours of the corresponding Embassy or Consulate-General. The Visa Section of the Embassy locates at: 2201 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite 110, Washington, D.C. 20007. Office hours: 9:30-14:30 (Monday to Friday, closed on weekends and holidays).  The staff will review the documents and schedule the time for pickup. Usually, it will take 4 working days if the application meets all the requirements.

    If there is an urgent need for travel, the applicant may apply for expedited processing by presenting the supporting documents. The processing time will be 3 working days (additional fee will be charged).

    In some cases, it may take longer-than-usual-time, please be patient and wait for pickup notice.

    4. Pickup. Credit card (Master or Visa card only), money order or cashier's check are accepted for on-site pick-up. For visa processing fees, please click here. 

Address of the Visa Office :

2201 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Suite110, Washington, D.C. 20007 U.S.A.

Office Hours:

9:30-14:30 (Monday to Friday, closed on weekends and holidays)

Email address for visa:


001-202-855-1555 (12:30-16:30, Monday to Friday, except for holidays)

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Visa Office
Address: 2201 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Suite 110, Washington, D.C. 20007
Tel: +1 202-855-1555 (12:30-16:30, Monday to Friday, except for holidays)
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