Ambassador Xie Feng Sends Greeting Letter to Chinese students in the United States
2023/05/23 16:35

    On May 23, upon his arrival to begin the tenure, the new Chinese ambassador to the United States Xie Feng wrote a letter to the Chinese students in the U.S. to extend his most sincere greetings and best wishes.

    Xie said in the letter that the well-being of Chinese students abroad is a high priority for the motherland. He pointed out that President Xi Jinping noted that a country will be full of hope and a nation can look forward to a bright future when its younger generation has ideals, abilities and a strong sense of responsibility. The Chinese Dream of great national rejuvenation can only be realized with the hard work of generation after generation of young people. Traveling across the Pacific, the Chinese students in the U.S. have overcome a lot of difficulties, including the COVID pandemic, to pursue greater heights in their study and research. “In all of you, I see the fortitude and perseverance that define the Chinese nation. I am truly proud of you.” Xie said in the letter.

    Xie expressed his readiness to serve the country together with the Chinese students. He said in the letter, “Let us carry forward the tradition of loving our country and studying abroad to serve the motherland.” He encouraged the students to observe and embrace the world with the motherland in mind, and build the country and serve the people with a global vision. He also expressed his readiness to build bridges of communication together with the Chinese students. He hoped that all of the Chinese students, with their deep understanding of both China and the West, will tell China’s story well, present a true China to their American friends, and contribute to greater mutual understanding and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries. He is ready to help as the Chinese students realize their youthful dreams. He encouraged the  students to take in knowledge like a sponge, and master true expertise and practical skills to pursue constant self-improvement. He also asked that the students stay united, value friendship, help one another, exercise more and put safety first. “Our motherland and your families all hope you will enjoy good health and academic success and fulfill your dreams,” said Xie.

    Xie noted that the students could always count on the motherland and on the Embassy. “Come what may, I for one and my colleagues in the Embassy and Consulates will always stand by your side, listen to your views and concerns, and do everything we can to facilitate your studies and employment. We will always have your back, and foster a safe and reassuring environment for your studies and stay. You can seek our help whenever you are in need.”

    At the end of the letter, Xie said, “There is still much I wish to talk to you about. I look forward to meeting you soon!”

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