Remarks by Ambassador Qin Gang at the Spring Festival Online Reception of the Chinese Embassy in the US
2022/01/30 22:34

Ladies and Gentlemen,


We will soon bid farewell to the year of the ox and ring in the year of the tiger. It is my great pleasure to join you online as we approach the Chinese New Year and celebrate this festive moment together.

Tonight’s reception will feature a spectacular combo show of acrobatics and winter sports, family reunion of the lovely pandas of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, and a stunning display of lanterns at the Kennedy Center. I wish to say a big THANK YOU to all the artists and supporting staff who have made this online celebration possible.

In Chinese culture, tiger is the symbol of bravery, wisdom and strength. But interestingly, tiger is not mentioned in the Bible, while lion, a Western astrological sign, is absent from the Chinese zodiac. Different places and peoples have different cultures. This is only natural, but such differences should not prevent us from understanding, respecting and appreciating each other’s history, culture and tradition. Ancient Chinese wisdom tells us that all living things should flourish without harming each other; all ways of life should thrive without hindering each other. In today’s interconnected world, it is an irreversible trend to overcome our differences and communicate across cultures.

In the coming year of the tiger, we must have courage and vision. We should follow the agreement reached by the two Presidents in their virtual meeting last year, uphold the spirit of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation, take the difficulties head on, and work for the sound and stable growth of China-US relations. This is for the benefit of people of both countries and the whole world.

Let’s not forget the Flying Tigers and many other touching stories, and do our best to further our friendship in the new era.


A major event at the beginning of the year is Beijing Winter Olympics, which will open soon. China will host a streamlined, safe and splendid Winter Games. I hope that athletes from China, the US and all other countries will enjoy the Games, and that you will feel its TIGER feature, which means Tense, Inclusive, Green, Extraordinary and Refreshing. Its slogan — Together for a shared future — is a best resolution for the new year.

Finally, I wish you all a joyous and successful year of the tiger. Thank you!

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